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Linux on ASUS E410

I bought this noteboot as a cheap extra computer in my living room per 1 July 2021.
It come with Windows 10 Home S-Mode installed, but I am primary Debian Linux user.
So my goal was to get it running with Debian Linux. I had bought a USB ethernet adapter to be sure to have network support with Linux, as WiFi driver not is supported per default installation.

I ended up by installing Debian on external 64GB USB3 SD stick.
To do this you have 2 USB SD sticks on computer, one with Debian Live and one intended new installation.

USB stick need to have MS-DOS partition table for ASUS E410 BIOS v304 to boot it.
Debian installation will per default create GPT parition table.
So use another computer to parition USB stick.

No issues found during installation, except no WiFi per default setup.
Wifi support got covered by following this method:

sudo apt install bc module-assistant build-essential dkms
git clone
cd rtl8821ce
sudo m-a prepare
sudo ./
By this I still have Windows on internal SD, and by external SD a sort of dual boot setup.

Here some hardware details: