Do it yourself...try the life of a pilot at

(Scandinavian Virtual Airlines)

You need one of the following installed on your PC:

Then you will be able to fly allmost every plane that SAS have had since the start.

Today it's possible on a PC to fly the plane with the real cockpit and the real sounds, giving you a very good idea of what it's all about.

Specially for use in FS2000 a highly detailed panel for Fokker 50 have been added. Just to start the engines you need to read a a lot of pages in the associated manual.

Using both FS98 and FS2000 you can fly in real weather, created on your PC from downloaded METAR-data. METAR-data is weather information telex sent out from real weather stations arround the world.

Visit the homepage of Torben Schou Jensen where you can download airplanes, sceneries and other related info.