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Flight Simulator

(img) Dansk Flying on your PC is a wonderfull hobby. The wonderfull feeling you have when you make a perfect landing, specially with the big ones f.ex. Boing 747, is great. As it happens home in your warm appartment makes it an easy and very cheap way to see the world.

In the spring of 1997 I bought Microsoft Flight Simulator 95, some years later Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, since that time it is the game I play most, or I would not call it a game, a simulator.

I have played the game for many years, but it is first with start of Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 that the game realy hit me.

I remember the early Flight Simulator II running on Commodore 64, today possible to download from the Internet and run on one of the many Commodore 64 simulators. This version was done by SubLogic, later bought by Microsoft, the rest is history. Funny enough the basics in the game have newer changed.

As we got Microsoft Flight Simulator 95 it became a sport for many people to make freeware sceneries and airplanes for the game, and it's the thing that makes this game so very good today.

There are today many beautifull sceneries that covers most of the earth, as a long range of airplanes, small ones as big ones. All this can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Then you can sit home in your appartments and see the world by the cost of only a little electricity.

The Gulfstream IV-SP is a great plane. It fly high and long, and can make a journey arround the world without problems, but not without refueling.
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SK973 taking off, distination Bangkok, on way to dreamland!