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TSJTorben Schou Jensen
I was born in Silkeborg in Denmark the year 1966.
I am educated within IT, working as programmer, currently in Nets.

Hobbies and interests

histComputer history
Working with IT since 1986, here is my view on computer history.
gaGoogle Earth
Many interesting places we can see on Google Earth.
Amazing how Android have changed our use of mobile phones.
Hash House Harriers, international running organisation, more accepted outside Danmark.
Navigation by GPS is easier now than before, today builtin in most smartphones.
A great cheap operating system for your home computer.
A good smile makes things go easier.
fsFlight Simulator
From 1990 I worked as programmer for Scandinavian Airlines System. Maybe the reason why I like flying airplanes in simulator.
I like to take a good picture, have used a lot of equipment over the years.
Years experience, and a good collection of great music, all saved digital.
I have been working as IBM mainframe programmer for more than 30 years.
c64Commodore 64
Years ago I was the proud owner of a Commodore SX64, notebook of that time.
I bike a lot, to and from work daily, years back also long distance bike road racing.
Years back I had one of the first LEGO Technic sets.
I love reading a good cartoon.
Born year 1966 in Silkeborg in Denmark.